Hijo Nurtures Nature

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Hijo’s elevated forest walk has 9 hanging bridges over an expanse of 700 feet. It stretches over 6 tree and 4 tower platforms. Peaking at the height of 18 feet , the entire walk covers approximately 220 squre meters of the forest area.

As guests traverse the hanging bridges, they are treated to a view of the diverse flora. These include anahaw, molave, dao, narra, amugis, rattan, ilang-ilang, bangkal and balete.

The Hijo Forest is also a sanctuary of wild boars and monkeys. Guests enjoying Hijo’s twilight safari often see animals foraging and cavorting in their natural habitat. You cannot also forget the majestic birds above and around the forest.

THE TRINITY: Protecting and Sustaining Life right at the heart of Davao Gulf

The Trinity project is a 3-fold approach to rebuilding a costal ecosystem that will be carried out along 4km of Tagum City’s coastline, Davao del Norte. The Trinity means the planting of Mangroves to a 20 hectare, planting and growing of seagrass meadow equivalet to 80 hectares, and, creating a fringing artificial coral reef environment that will cover an area of almost 30,000 square meters.

The total area rehabilitated will be around 120 hectares of intertidal and subtidal zones, which will extend from the High Tide Mark to a maximum depth of 5m.

The initial boundaries will reach from the southern side of the Madaum River mouth down to the northern side of Libuganon River.