Hijo Superfoods Food Manufacturing Plant Progress

Hijo Superfoods World Class Food Manufacturing Plant

HRC is proud to announce its latest food manufacturing business venture, Hijo Superfoods!

Hijo Superfoods’ business model is to revolutionize Philippine agriculture through digitalization, de-commoditizing, and the production of high value-added products. In line with UNWTO sustainable development goals, Hijo Superfoods aims to create family farming communities by bridging indigenous people to global opportunities.

Our state-of-the-art production plant will be operational by June 2021. We can’t wait to bring Hijo Superfoods’ Coco Sugar and Banana Flour to the global market.

What's the best use for Hijo Superfoods products?

Coco Sugar is best for:

• A healthier alternative to cane sugar and artificial sweeteners
• Coffee, Teas, Juices and other Beverages
• Cakes, Pastries and other baking products • Condiments and Food Seasonings

Banana Flour is best for:

• Gluten-free alternative to other forms of flour such as almond or buckwheat flour
• Cooking and baking ingredient for cakes, brownies, pancakes, and other baking products
• Also used for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals



Facts about Hijo Superfood’s new products to look out for: 


Hijo Superfoods Groundbreaking Ceremony








Hijo Superfoods Coconut Sugar
  1. Made from coconut sap grown all around Mindanao, Philippines
  2. Flavor profile: earthy, nutty, and caramel
  3. Organic, All-natural, Vegan, Pesticide-free, Non-GMO
  4. Requires significantly less water to grow and produce compared to cane sugar
  5. A healthier alternative to cane sugar and other artificial sweeteners
  6. Contains approximately 400x more potassium than regular sugar
Hijo Superfoods Banana Flour
  1. Made from quality green bananas grown in Davao del Norte, Philippines
  2. Mild undistinguishable banana flavor
  3. Gluten-free, All-natural, Vegan, Non-GMO
  4. Uses 30% less flour in food preparation
  5. Lower in calorie content compared to wheat, oat, and almond flour
  6. In terms of nutritive value, 2 tablespoons of banana flour are equivalent to eating 7 whole bananas!

World-Class Features:

Coconut Sugar Line:

Banana Flour Line:

1. State of the art facility
2. Fully automated processes
3. Patented Banana Cut and Peel Process
4. Certified HACCP and CGMP (in progress)
5. Diverse product processing
6. Multi-plant processing

Production Capacity: 

Unripe Banana Flour: 5 tons per day (8-hour shift)

Coconut Sugar: 9 tons per day (8-hour shift)

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