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HijOlympics 2012 Kicks Off

With the objective to run as one, the employees of Hijo Resources Corporation participated in a five-kilometer long fun run inside the estate last March 31 to signal the commencement of HijOlympics 2012. HijOlympics is the company’s annual sporting event which aims to...

Hijo Estate Resorts on Choose Philippines

“I see the beach but I don’t see a single banana tree… Where are they?”  That’s probably one of the first questions on your mind when you reach Banana Beach. For what welcomes you to Banana Beach is fresh sea air, an infinity pool, palm fronds and tree leaves swaying...

Tagum City: the next tourist capital in the South

TAGUM CITY, Philippines – While the rest of the travelers packed up their bags and travel to renowned beach resorts-cum-summer destinations, others have chosen to travel some local scenic spots to be isolated from the noise of the metropolis where the usual booze and...

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