Tagum City: the next tourist capital in the South

by | Nov 15, 2018 | News

TAGUM CITY, Philippines – While the rest of the travelers packed up their bags and travel to renowned beach resorts-cum-summer destinations, others have chosen to travel some local scenic spots to be isolated from the noise of the metropolis where the usual booze and end-of-the-year parties happen.
Just an hour and thirty minutes away from Davao City, an itch for unplanned trip or a weekend getaway is likely ideal for travelers who want to have a cheap day-tour, a classy and luxurious beach escapade, a trek along the lush green man-made forest or even a cruise along the cool and gentle rivers.
All these and more are Tagum City’s hidden attractions that are to be discovered by local and foreign tourists alike. The city offers a mix of fun, relaxing, fascinating and less expensive eco-adventure trips from upland to coastal shores.
From a rustic town to a progressive metropolis in the province of Davao del Norte, the city has a lot to offer from its colorful festivals, vibrant multi-cultural events, and man-made tourist spots aiming to be the premiere tourist destination in the North, next to Davao City.